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Jon is still alive and about to rework this website

If you know someone who is thinking of calling him, to ask him to do something, tell them to hold off, he has too much on his plate. And hes trying to write another book.

December 2011


Cherry Harmony Festival

To to see all the live spitting action: Cherry Festival Blog

Jon used to be a regular on ABC Radio in Perth and Western Australia.

Now he's an occasional.

Right now you can hear him deliver Stories my Grandfather Told Me.

Tales his legendary Grandfather, Roy Doust, left him to play with.

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[Because Jon is flatter than a gecko behind the door, this page is sometimes out of date. If it is, please feel free to email Jon and severely chastise . . . click here]

And ....

Getting to know yourself

An occasional Public Course (using Jungian Psychological Models) at Curtin Business School Entrepreneurial Unit

To find out when the next is on call Julie Wigmore: 9266 4555

Stuff you might have missed

Magpie Mischief - a comic eco-novel


Magwheel Madness - a comic, hoons-gone-mad novel

and soon

Mega Mayhem! - but first the publisher has to do what they do.

written by Jon Doust & Ken Spillman

out of Freo Arts Centre Press

in all good book shops

if it isn't -demand it!

take a longer look by clicking on this

(or to check out the WORLD'S FIRST SKATEBOARD)

(Ok, not really, but one made by the legendary Midget Farrelly!)

And soon, another Novel: (currently being written at a secret location nearby)

Jon Doust Nominated by Kaye Rogers - 6260

What contribution has this person made?
He is the funniest person ever - he makes thousands of people laugh! Imagine that in this day and age. He is a local boy - made it good into a very difficult area - that being humour. He speaks to teachers and others and his cheerful approach re-energises everyone. He is a wonderful person and should be accepted by all as a true blue Aussie hero!

Why this person is important?
Jon Doust makes me smile just to think of him - laugh if he dances! Very funny comedian from my local area.
He is Australian through and through and I do not hesitate to recommend him as a ripper Aussie hero!!


Cherry Harmony Festival

Cherry Festival Blog

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jon's blog

Mark Cain: musical genius

Perth Comedy at Laugh Resort, West Australia's longest running comedy room

Perth Comedy at the Lounge

Seriously Funny

The Gorskys

some funny stuff

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